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A guide to choosing a care home

June 26, 2020 3:15 pm


  1. Talk through the options

Before you start shortlisting any nursing home, sit with the person you care about, if they are able to have a conversation, discuss what is important to them. This may involve the location, facilities or specialist treatment for specific health problems. What do they consider ‘important’ and what is ‘desirable’? It’s probably a good idea to include as many family members as possible in the decision.

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  1. Shortlist the most suitable homes

Do an online search of care service directories to find the care homes in your area. Use a filter to search for residential or nursing homes and locate facilities that can provide more specialist services, for dementia or physical conditions. Where a home has a website, it is always worth spending some time browsing the website to get more of a feel for the home and the facilities.

If your loved one has a medical condition or may be nearing the end of their lives, find out whether a nursing home can provide appropriate palliative care.

  1. Read the nursing home inspection reports

In the UK, an inspection is required to examine and report on the service provider. Reports are available to the public and provide valuable insight into how well the home is managed and the level of care they offer. In England and Scotland, the regulator also assesses care service providers. Find out more about Care Homes Solihull at a site like https://sandersseniorliving.co.uk/the-collection/claridge-place-care-home-solihull/

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You can also use these reports to see whether:

points raised by the inspectors have been handled or if they reappear in subsequent reports

The home has had frequent inspections, which may be a sign of a problem.

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