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Troubleshooting for lawn mowers: top tips

August 27, 2020 3:49 pm


As one of the gardener’s most commonly used tools, lawn mowers need regular maintenance in order for them to remain effective. Many gardeners, however, lack the knowledge necessary to perform the simple maintenance to keep their machines in good order. Let’s take a look at some easy steps to keep your mower mowing.

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Be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual and service at the appropriately recommended intervals. Lack of or incorrect servicing by the user is the cause of most common problems for many mowers. Be sure to check and replace the oil levels as appropriate. Lack of oil can cause the motor to run poorly or even seize, whilst overfilling with oil can result in smoke billowing from your exhaust when the mower is running. Many common lawnmowers are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines. Go to https://www.briggsbits.co.uk/ for your Briggs and Stratton parts needs at servicing time. Equally, many electric mowers suffer from similar problems, with batteries not being changed when depleted etc. Using approved parts and filters for your mower maintenance will avoid many common problems.

Blade maintenance

Whether you have a basic manual reel mower, or a petrol driven larger machine, regular maintenance of the blades is essential. Make sure your machine is disconnected from the power before checking the blades for any grass and debris lodged in the blades. Dull, worn out or clogged cutting blades can lead to your machine feeling like it is losing power and not cutting effectively.

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Problems bagging/mulching

Many lawnmowers rely on power from the motor to drive the grass cuttings into the mulching bag or box. If you are having problems with your mower not correctly bagging the trimmed material, this could be a sign your mower is down on power from the engine or motor, so be sure to check the common causes for this.

Spark plug

Cleaning or changing your engine’s spark plug(s) is another easy and cost-effective way to keep your lawnmower running smoothly. Cleaning any corrosion and dirt from the connections on spark plugs can help your motor run smoother with better ignition. If the spark plug is worn or damaged, consider replacing it entirely as they are cheap and easy to obtain.

These basic top tips can help you troubleshoot many common lawnmower issues and keep your machine running well for longer.

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