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Ten ways to style blue jeans

September 6, 2021 12:03 pm


There are few items in a man’s wardrobe that are as universal as a solid pair of blue jeans. Without a solid pair of jeans, anyone’s wardrobe is not complete. There are so many ways to wear jeans, and here we look at 10 ways to style blue jeans.

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1. Get the fit

Make sure they fit. If they’re either too big or too small, they just won’t work.

2. Choose a contrasting belt

If your jeans are blue, maybe mens Bugatti blue jeans, look to add some detail like a belt. Choose a contrasting colour, either brown or black if you’ve gone for regular blue denim. Try matching your belt to your shoes.

3. Add a splash of color

Find a way to introduce something bolder and you’ll instantly look more sophisticated.

4. Get shirty

Keep things casual with your jeans and a pair of trainers and an easy-going top.

5. Add a jacket

As we move from summer towards autumn you might consider a jacket or hoodie. That might be your classic jersey, but it might also be a fur or leather.

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6. Tuck in your shirt

A white shirt looks great but so does a coloured shirt. Pair with trainers for a casual look.

7. Double denim

Wear your jeans with a classic denim jacket.

8. Blaze a trail

Perfect for a first date to show you’ve made an effort but you’re not over dressed, wear your jeans with a shirt and blazer.

9. Waistcoat

This is another smart-casual vibe. Add a waistcoat over your shirt with your jeans for a perfect weekend casual outfit. Don’t forget to tuck in your shirt.

10. Black out

Choosing black with your jeans makes a statement, whether it’s a plain tee, polo shirt or even a dress shirt. Just be sure you have the confidence to pull it off!

Stylecaster has some more suggestions for how to style your denim, and your mens Bugatti blue jeans.

How you wear your jeans will ultimately depend on your personality and the occasion you need to show up for, and the weather. Layering is always an option as you move through the seasons and the temperature drops.

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