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Why You Should Choose Wholesale A-Z VoIP Termination

September 25, 2019 2:40 pm

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You have probably heard of wholesale VoIP without fully understanding what it is. This is the part of the IP telecoms industry that deals with the bulk routing of traffic. These wholesale routes can then be sold on to end users to enable them to make low-cost calls.

Many businesses are turning to VoIP for its cost benefits and because the old PSTN network in the UK is set to be switched off in 2025. By switching now, companies can ensure they are ahead of the game.

Business benefits

Switching to VoIP offers a number of benefits. If you rely on telephone services, perhaps because you have a call centre or you need to make lots of international calls, there are considerable savings to be made on call costs.

Switching to a wholesale provider also gives you greater flexibility. If you need to ramp up your number of lines to cope with seasonal peaks in business, for example, VoIP enables you to do so quickly and at low cost.

As the system can be largely cloud-based, there are savings to be made on the power and maintenance costs of installing a conventional PABX system. There is also no need for the costly and inflexible ISDN connections needed to link an in-house system to the phone network. Reliability and call quality on VoIP are now on a par with conventional systems.

Mobile links

Businesses increasingly have a mobile workforce and again VoIP can be beneficial. As it is internet based, a VoIP system can be accessed from anywhere. This means that as long as they have online access, your mobile workers, homeworkers and branch offices can all access the same system. This enables them to make calls using the business number and incoming calls to find them wherever they are located. If you practise a hot-desking policy in your offices, VoIP is great for this too.

VoIP can also give you lots of additional features. These include things such as voicemail and automated menu systems for incoming calls. What’s more, it can do this at a cost that is accessible to smaller businesses. This means a small business can sound larger and more professional without having to install a complex and expensive PABX system.


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