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Hot website trends to be aware of

August 26, 2020 2:08 pm


Web design is all about grabbing and keeping the attention of the web user. An intuitive and clear site will work wonders, even without the extra gizmos and popups. Having said that, some trends are worth following, so let’s look at a few of the hottest website trend to be aware of right now.

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1. Large type and oversized elements

More websites are favouring big, bold typography, full-screen images, and even extra-large website menu icons. Not only are these eye-catching but also they help visitors to understand straight away what the site is all about.

Many websites are now opting for a full-screen image/video on their first fold, together with large typography. This delivers a brand message simply and efficiently.

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2. Split-screen content

If you have two main products or services, consider splitting your screen, allowing each equal coverage. You could even make each half behave slightly differently. You could also place an extra element where the two halves meet, such as your logo or a call-to-action button.

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3. Plenty of whitespace

Whitespace has always been a feature of the best websites, but it seems to be growing larger and more prominent. Images that appear to be floating freely look sharp and complement large, colourful, and bold visuals. Whitespace can boost legibility, create separation, and highlight important elements.

4. Fluorescent 3D artwork

Digital 3D images are really able to grab visitors’ attention, especially when contrasted against a clean and minimal layout.

5. Overlapping layers

This is a great way of adding depth to 2D sites/screens. Elements can be placed on top of each other or can pop into view once clicked or hovered over. This looks orderly and slick when done well and often involves the use of whitespace around each element.

6. Interactivity and motion

Video and animation remain a great way to grab site visitors’ interest, especially as attention spans continue to reduce. The fact that human eyes gravitate towards moving elements can be used to control how visitors interact with certain pages. Other trends include micro-animations that react to hover-overs or clicks, typography that spells out key words across the screen, and full-screen video headers/animations.

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