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The truth behind four conveyancing myths

December 3, 2021 1:08 pm


Conveyancing is a term that makes obscure a process that, while complex, is perfectly logical. It is simply a largely administrative legal procedure, just like almost everything else performed by a standard solicitors’ practice. The fact that, despite attempts to promote DIY conveyancing, it remains firmly in the hands of legally qualified professionals has not helped to demystify it.

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Inevitably, several myths have attached themselves to this apparently arcane practice, but it can only benefit buyers and sellers of property to dispel them. The best conveyancing solicitors Hemel Hempstead has to offer would agree with us. Transparency is an advantage to everyone engaged in the buying and selling of property because it encourages confidence, creates certainty and saves time. These are four of the most frequently cited myths about conveyancing.

1. The cheaper the better

Just as you would seek competing quotes for a house extension or garden landscaping project, it’s worth approaching conveyancing in the same way. But it could be a mistake to be guided only by the lowest price on offer. The old adage applies: you get what you pay for. Experience, reputation, word of mouth are all important, as is the professionalism of the way your enquiry is handled. All of these factors are indicators of how effective the service will be and should be considered carefully.

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2. Keep it local

There’s no advantage in local knowledge because the conveyancing process throughout England and Wales is uniform. It is about documentation, not location. So, for example, when you are searching for the best conveyancing solicitors Hemel Hempstead might be where you are intending to buy but the pool from which you can draw is national.

3. Conveyancing takes forever

Not if it’s done properly. A reasonable period is 12-16 weeks, allowing for the time it takes to receive replies to searches and enquiries, but we’ve all heard stories of sales accomplished within a week or two. With a firm will, co-operation and a high standard of work it can be a swift, relatively painless experience.

4. Ignore agent referrals

It’s tempting to think a referral from an estate agent is about back-handers and won’t get you the best conveyancer but in reality agents and solicitors alike depend on reputation and they will only work together if there is mutual recognition of the other’s professionalism and probity. Take referrals seriously, because they are overwhelmingly genuine.

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