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Designing a Farmhouse Kitchen

August 25, 2020 12:59 pm


There are ways to give your existing kitchen a country farmhouse feel without too much disruption. However, you may also be looking to extend your current kitchen to make room for some further rustic features and will be designing a new room from scratch. Whatever situation you are in, the following ideas may prove useful.

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Building an Extension

If you are extending your current kitchen to make it a larger heart of your home and want to give it a farmhouse feel, you may consider using an oak roof truss as part of the construction. This is a visible feature available in a number of different forms, which are described in more detail at https://www.timberpride.co.uk/roof-trusses/. An oak roof truss can really add character to your kitchen.

Design Features

A farmhouse sink is an essential part of this type of kitchen. This should be white porcelain for an instant farmhouse feel, although they are available in ceramic and stainless steel options if this is more suitable. Turning your attention to cabinets and worktops, you may wish to opt for oak worktops and a two-tone appearance for your cabinets. Two tone means that perhaps your wall cabinets are one colour and your island is another colour. If you are not installing new cabinets, you can achieve this look by painting your existing units or using freestanding furniture to create a kitchen island.

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Adding textiles is an inexpensive method of creating your farmhouse kitchen. You can choose items such as wicker baskets to store cutlery or fruit and vegetables, a linen skirt under the sink to hide cleaning chemicals or hessian rugs on the floor to add colour and contrast. Don’t be afraid to put things on display. Open shelving works well with the farmhouse kitchen look, so you don’t have to cover your walls in cabinets. As well as textiles, you can also add other accessories to achieve the look, such as displaying antique vases, mason jars or bottles. Lighting is another option. Move away from modern spotlights and go for milk-bottle pendants – anything reclaimed and reused works better with the farmhouse theme than new and can often be more affordable.

The farmhouse kitchen look is easy to achieve, whatever your budget. You can redesign from scratch or accessorise, repurpose and repaint what you already have into your own farmhouse interpretation.

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