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Decorating the ceiling on a budget

July 21, 2020 4:29 pm


There is no reason to live with a dull white ceiling. Here are some tips for decorating that fifth wall without spending a fortune:

  1. Choose the same colour as the walls

This is a simple choice and doesn’t require much extra effort. It is bound to match with your décor and create a pleasant flow between the walls and the ceiling. If you’re not sure about exactly the same colour, opt for a lighter shade of the same colour.

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  1. Pick a colour from the wallpaper

This is another simple choice as it is finding inspiration from what is already around you. Perhaps there’s a pattern in the carpet, a rug or on the wallpaper and you can choose one of the colours from there to decorate the ceiling. It will tie the room together nicely and add a little extra ‘wow’ factor.

  1. Contrasting colours

Choosing a contrasting colour that doesn’t already appear in your décor will add a touch of the dramatic to your interior. If you want to choose a darker colour, then make sure it’s a gloss paint which will help reflect light and not make the ceiling look lower.

  1. Add a ceiling rose

These are a perfect way to add attention to the ceiling, particularly when setting off a stunning light fixture. For a Ceiling Rose, visit a site like https://www.creative-cables.co.uk/2648-ceiling-roses

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  1. Add mouldings

These add interest and definition to an otherwise blank space. They are easy to install and are an effective way to set off colours on the walls and ceiling.

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