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Keeping Your Website on the Edge

September 16, 2019 12:42 pm


microsoft edge

You can’t have failed to notice the hype surrounding the launch of Windows 10. One of the main features of Microsoft’s new operating system is the inclusion of the new Edge web browser to replace the older Internet Explorer.

Although you don’t have to use Edge it is the default browser in the new OS so many people will be giving it a try after they’ve upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft has claimed that it’s a browser, “built for the modern web”, so what impact is it likely to have on how we view websites?

Web technologies

The Edge browser is compatible with the latest web technologies. These include CSS3, an evolution of the older cascading style sheets that gives web design in London the opportunity to use features such as rounded corners, shadows and transitions. More flexible layouts using grids and multiple columns are possible too. Crucially it also enables animation on sites without the need to use potentially insecure plug-ins like Flash. CSS3 takes a modular approach so it makes it simpler for designers to add features to sites with no need to code them separately each time.

Edge allows sites to use HTML5 which allows them to be designed in a more structured way making them easier to maintain. It also makes it possible to use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to add functions such as document editing to websites allowing businesses to take advantage of storing and sharing information in the cloud.

Other advantages

Edge isn’t just about the technology under the skin though. The new browser has some advantages that will appeal to users too. Its more streamlined approach makes more of the screen available for the site being viewed, and it’s also quick to load pages.

Another clever feature is the ability to highlight text and add notes to pages which you can then save to OneNote for future reference. Edge integrates closely with the Cortana personal assistant enabling it to offer additional information about the page being viewed – such as opening hours for businesses for example.

Given its clean, modern look and extra features it’s well worth giving Edge a try.

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