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Some common issues that people have with dentures

January 22, 2021 5:36 am


Dentures are used extensively to solve issues of missing teeth. Not only do they improve the cosmetic appearance of someone but also make it far easier and more comfortable for that person to eat and drink.

However, wearing dentures is not always plain-sailing. If they are not looked after properly, they can cause problems for the wearer.

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To avoid problems, it is very important that the mouth is kept clean and healthy. Crucially, dentures must be fitted well and not move around inside the mouth. A set of dentures that move around can cause friction that leads to irritation and pain of the mouth and gums.

Ill-fitting dentures can also cause difficulty in speaking and eating for the wearer. Why not consider a cost-effective alternative to dentures and find out more about All on 4 dental implants cost at a site like Arnica Dental Care, providers of details on the All on 4 dental implants cost.

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When dealing with denture issues, it is important to remember a few helpful points:

Be sure to take smaller bites of food and avoid overly crunchy and sticky, chewy foods.

Eat food slowly

Try to eat soft food

If there is too much friction, mouth infections are more likely to occur. When dentures fit poorly, yeast can build up in moist areas and this can lead to an infection. This is why denture care is very important. Be sure to handle them carefully and clean them regularly.

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