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Famous Bodyguards from History

June 17, 2020 9:33 am


Where celebrities and history are concerned, even a small event can land someone in the limelight. If your job is to escort the President or the iconic Muhammad Ali, for example, then you are sure to attract a bit of fame come your way and be noticed. Here are some of the most famous bodyguards from history:

  1. Laurence Tureaud, better known as Mr. T

Mr. T is surely a celebrity in his own right? Of course, but he started his career as a highly regarded and in demand bodyguard before joining the hit A Team series. Who did he protect? Some very famous celebs including Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson. He was considered such a tough cookie that he protected Bruce Lee from any potential attackers!

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  1. Rostom Razmadze

Straight from the memoirs of history, Razmadze had a life with many strange twists. He was kidnapped when aged 13, Razmadze ended up serving as a bodyguard to Napoleon Bonaparte from the age of 15. He was a gifted to the emperor and it was said that Razmadze slept on Napoleon’s bedroom floor so that any potential intruder would have to pass over his body before getting to the sleeping Bonaparte. When you need Close Protection London, visit a site like https://www.valorousgroup.co.uk/close-protection-london/

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  1. Clint Hill

Hailing from a rural state, Hill would not have become famous were it not for training successfully to be a Secret Service agent. He was famous for protecting Jacqueline Kennedy before and after the assassination of the President. Hill is also famous for jumping backwards over the cabriolet to cover the President’s head in his jacket to save his dignity from the press.

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