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What happens during an MOT

May 12, 2020 1:51 pm


An MOT is a legal requirement to ensure that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Each year you need to visit an MOT Gloucester company such as http://swiftfit.uk.com/ to have this test completed. Once your vehicle has passed it is road legal for another year. You do still have to check things like light bulbs, tyres and windscreen wipers regularly to ensure that any wear and tear and issues that may have arisen are rectified.

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Here is what happens during your standard MOT test.


Brakes – these are checked to ensure they are working correctly and that they are balanced.


Bodywork – this is checked for any sharp edges or large areas of rust.


Doors, Bonnet & Boot – checked to ensure that they open and close fully and securely


Exhaust & Emissions – checked to ensure that no smoke is coming from your exhaust, that it is not damaged in any way and that your emissions are within the permitted levels.


Horn – this must work and be loud enough to be heard by other drivers


Lights – these must be in full working order and to be aligned correctly.


Seats & Seatbelts – these need to be fixed securely and in good working order and should retract fully into their casings.

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Steering – checked for working order.


Tow bar – this must be fitted securely and not damaged in any way.


Vehicle IDentification – the chassis number must be easily identifiable.


Wheels & Tyres – these must be secure, not subject to severe damage and within the permitted tyre tread limits.


Windows & Mirrors – there must be no significant damage to the windscreen or mirrors and the wipers must be in full working order.


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