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How to Make Felt Baby Shoes

September 25, 2019 2:22 pm


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Homemade gifts are a wonderful way to show how much you care; in addition, you can create items you can use yourself if you are craft-minded. Homemade felt baby shoes make a wonderful baby shower present and are also ideal for kitting out your little one.

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So many crafting techniques have been lost along the way; however, this type of craft is still popular. Making baby shoes is surprisingly easy, so let’s look at how this can be achieved.

Getting started

To begin, you need felt or cotton fabric, elastic, an erasable fabric marker, and a pattern or template. Templates are readily available for download and you can choose the size that works best for you.

Once you have gathered all the equipment you need, you can cut the felt using the template; next, using the erasable fabric marker, draw the dots corresponding with the pattern.

From sole to stitching

When this stage has been completed, you can pin the lower piece of the sole to the upper piece, making sure your dots line up.

Next, arrange the sole so that it lies flat, wrapping the upper piece over the front so that the curves of each piece match up. Wrap the left side across the sole, match the curve with right side, and pin the three layers together at the front.

Repeat the entire process on the other shoe, obviously in the opposite direction. Once both shoes are done, you can pin the upper section all the way around the sole, making sure it stays flat at all times.

Sew it up

If you want to add a little extra comfort to the shoes, you can line them with cotton fabric. You will need to ensure that you connect the pieces to the same dots and that you keep everything in line.

When you are ready to stitch the shoes, work from the sole upwards and pull the needle through from the bottom all the way around. You can make the stitches a feature, so don’t be afraid to use thread that contrasts with your felt colour.

When you have sewn all the way around, snip off the thread at the exit point and tuck it back in. Repeat the process with the other shoe.


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